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What Players are Saying
> Google Review - Aaron Wallace - 5 Stars...

I have gone to every game shop I can find in Wake and Cumberland counties. This is my favorite. You can also make a Magic singles order on their website, and stop by the shop to pick it up same day. The shop has an open play area, it is very clean and well lit, great gaming selections and some cool table top accessories for your RPGs.

> Google Review - Andrew Gooch - 5 Stars...

Amazing staff friendly knowledgeable. You want to gather and meet folks this is the place every person I’ve met here from the D&D sessions have been great. I’ve poked my head in. When they’ve been playing magic another games the whole thing is just an amazing experience. Want a place to get out have fun in a safe environment look no further you will not be sorry.

> Google Review - Adventures of Arch - 5 Stars...

Moved to the area about a year ago and have been by the store, almost, once a week ever since.

The store keeps a wonderful selection of game materials of all kinds and the knowledgeable staff ensure that you always know what you're getting into.

Highly recommend stopping by if you're looking for a new game to dive into or a community to play something you already love.

> Google Review - Chris U - 5 Stars...

I went in yesterday to buy some games. Great store, great selection, great prices... The staff actually know about the games they sell which is pretty impressive due to the amount of games they carry. They have games that cover all age brackets... If you want to support local business, and need to buy a game this is the place. Also - pick up some Tacos down the street at Los Dos Toquitos.

> Google Review - Connor McGuyrt - 5 Stars...

Love this place. I come here every week. The staff is some of the nicest people you will encounter. The people who come also are very welcoming and kind to all.

> Google Review - Emily Groff - 5 Stars...

My friend and I are visiting, and it was raining today so we decided to pop on by as we love games.

This store is massive. On the left side, when you enter, there are tons of tables set up for playing, and today there was a MtG tournament going on, so there wasn't any room for us to try out any demo games.

But, if you turn to the right when you enter, you will see a ton of board games and tabletop supplies. Seriously, the collection was massive! It was also very varied, with games for kids, games for two players, and some typical party games.

The staff was also very helpful as well.

We will definitely return next time we are in town.

> Google Review - Ian Bloom - 5 Stars...

Game Theory has been my local game store for over 10 years. They've had a consistent, amazing staff for as long as I've gone there. They are set up well to handle social distancing and take amazing care of our gaming needs from afar.

Thank you to the staff for years of providing a safe space to be my nerdy self, here's to many more years when we can play there again.

> Google Review - Ian Fetterolf - 5 Stars...

If you are a traditional gamer and like board games and TCGs this spot is THE PLACE TO GO TO.

- Great professional friendly staff.
- Ample space and many varied activities.
- A challenging and diverse player base for all sorts of games.
- Product selection the likes of which you've never seen. Snacks on deck.

> Google Review - Jolinda Powell - 5 Stars...

Excellent, fun place to go play games. They have a great demo library that's free to play and everybody there is very friendly and helpful. Would recommend for buying and game nights. Just all around fun and great place.

> Google Review - Kelly C - 5 Stars...

Employees are super helpful. Love that the gaming area is kept separate from the bookcase full of games, so I can browse without worrying if I am disturbing the players. I drive about 45 minutes to come here, so I appreciate the extra loyalty discount. It helps a bit and I enjoy supporting them locally since they do a top notch job. And their demo library has a great selection.

> Google Review - Luke Glenn - 5 Stars...

Excellent store, well kept, well staffed, and huge! Amazing collection of games, courteous and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend coming here for anyone who likes table top games, board games, and card games alike.

> Google Review - Wendy Hagwood - 5 Stars...

One of my favorite game stores in the area. As a female I'm happy to say I have found this is typically the most female-inclusive place in the Raleigh area. Thanks for making it fun!

> Read what John's saying...

"First, the set up of tables is good. There is room to move around and traffic flow is not impeded, thus, no one is bumping into your chair!

Next, the chairs are comfortable! :)

There are some rooms for those who need them. I'll point out that the acoustics in Game Theory are good so that sound is not too bad. Let's face it, you get that many gamers into an small area and it will be noisy but this isn't bad.

The selection of food and snacks is GREAT!

Management is friendly and accommodating. They care about the playing experience."

— John

> Read what Peony's saying...

Game Theory is an excellent venue! With gaming supplies,food, and drinks at great prices. Who could ask for more! When asked a question the staff members are always willing to spend as much time as they need to answer the question. The store has a very friendly atmosphere which makes you never want to leave!

— Peony

> Read what Sarah's saying...

Game Theory rocks. We were in one of the private rooms, so nice and quiet.

— Sarah

> Read what Buzzy's saying...

Excellent snack/drink selection, including frozen stuff to be nuked. Lots of tables and supplies!

— Buzzy

> Read what Johnathan's saying...

Bo and Rob are great hosts and have a good shop with plenty of space for gamers.

— Johnathan

> Read what Chris' saying...

This, slightly hidden, game store is a great location! The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. When running a game, they are willing to run a tab for any snack-food and drinks you purchase, to settle at the end of the night. I highly recommend this place for all Triangle gamers to visit and patron!

— Chris

> Read what an anonymous player is saying...

The venue was excellent. The location, amenities and host (and staff) were very nice and helpful. I hope we'll have more events at Game Theory!

— Anonymous player

> Read what Rick's saying...

Game Theory is a fantastic place to have a game. They have food, drink, and gaming supplies available right there along with space to play.

Things can be pretty noisy when all the tables are full, but it is well worth it.

— Rick

> Read what Gary's saying...

The store has lots of tables for gaming, it's easy access right off the street with dedicated parking. Food and drinks are provided in-house so you don't have to go anywhere for a snack.

There even appear to be private gaming rooms for groups that want to separate from the general bustle of the main area.

They also have all the gaming supplies you're likely to need, including dice, minis (painting supplies for minis and terrain) and source books. Plus, the staff is very knowledgeable and makes an effort to ensure everyone has what they need to play.

— Gary

> Read what Dan's saying...

Game Theory is an Awesome place to play a home game! Great people and a neverending flow of snacks and caffine, what more could any gamer want?

— Dan Smith




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