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The store at Raleigh is a stronghold of strategy and intrigue, just waiting for fun warriors to walk through the door, crank up a game, and congregate.

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Ok, you've probably heard about the ginormous game selection, and the super gaming space to lay out your battle lines and get to playing, but we think Raleigh has something extra, something that an established original can only boast of. You feel it in the air, it's an apparent love, a passion for games that's noticeable in staff and customers alike. It's that feeling you only get when surrounded by friends and like minded people, sharing tables, enjoying entertaining moments, around the great games we crave. That's why Game Theory was created.

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Here's your itinerary for excitement, a schedule with all kinds of gaming options and events throughout the month. Join all or select just a few. Either way, Game Theory, Raleigh will be glad to see you!


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Vibes Past & Present

Game Theory on Duraleigh, Rd. hasn't always been located there. We first opened the store back in 2013, off Blue Ridge Parkway in a somewhat smaller store space in the backside of a strip mall. Regardless of the space, we have always strived to promote a welcoming place to game, and provide our community with nearly every product and resource that's available on the market. Flash forward, three locations later, our original Raleigh store still caters to hundreds of dedicated gamers each week, creating memories and friends around the games we know and love so well. 

Get in the Game, in Raleigh

"A BIG selection of games and genres, an active community, and a staff that promotes FUN-- I like it!"

- Gary -

"Game Theory is awesome! There's always something intriguing going on. I look forward to each visit and the friendly competition with fellow gamers."

- Heather -

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Game Theory strives to make gaming fun for all. Let us host your next adventure!