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Wake Forest may be the new store on the block, but hey, it's still Game Theory, and we bring a style of gaming that you are going to want to be a part of!

Overview & Offerings

Like games? Then we're your people. Game Theory's Wake Forest location is the place for casual and competitive gaming, a spirited venue that carries tons of the products you desire, and an interactive environment for small and large group play-ins.

We know games. From Role Playing, to Miniatures, Trading Cards, and Board Games, Game Theory fuses both experience and passion, to bring our customers one of the coolest gaming spaces around. We invite you to become part of our community and discover what the buzz is all about. Think fun + fun + fun. Get the point?

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Oh, the events! The tournaments! The weekly game nights throughout the month! Join them all or select just a few. Get your game on at Wake Forest. You're invited and we want to see you!


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Vibes Past & Present

When you feel you're doing something right. When you see happy customers in our store, having a great time around the games we know and love, it's something you want to share with other gamers in other areas. For this reason, we opened our second store in Wake Forest in late 2022, and could not be prouder of the response.

Our new store at Wake Forest is a fresh, enthusiastic space, serving up the same Game Theory vibes to our growing community. It's more of the big selection, more of the friendly staff, more of the strategy and competition our customers love. Come be a part of it today!

Get in the Game, in Wake Forest

"When asked a question the staff members are always willing to spend as much time as they need to answer the question. The store has a very friendly atmosphere which makes you never want to leave!"

- Peony -

"Management is friendly and accommodating. They care about the playing experience."

- John -

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