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Trading Card Games

If you love Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, or Cardfight! Vanguard then we are the store for you! We are regularly updating our catalog with the newest TCGs and their upcoming releases. We also do preorders for special releases like Secret Lair and for limited supply Weiss Schwarz decks!

We have over 300,000 Magic: The Gathering Singles at our store, with a large variety of Rare, Uncommon, and Commons that are all available to be browsed and ordered through our external website!

Visit shop.gametheorystore.com for buying and selling MTG singles. Max buylists are 25 cards per person per day. We only take 1 foil of any one card. Looking for Near Mint condition, unless the cards are high-value Legacy or Modern staples. Call the Prime store for an appointment for MTG collections, but please note that we are not looking for bulk Commons or Uncommons. For more information, see MTG Singles!

Digimon Final Fantasy Flesh & Blood
Keyforge Magic The Gathering Pokemon
Vanguard Cardfight Overdress Weiss Schwartz



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